Climbing up the walls

Few sports are as demanding as climbing. Demanding both physical and mental strength as well as a good dose of strategy, it can be a dangerous enterprise. But when you add to it doing it without a safety rope, then it becomes a life and  more >

Wild buck gets broken in by Tory Lane’s strapon

Running a ranch when you’re a woman is no bed of roses. So when one of the new hired hands started to second-guess Tory she knew she had to break that wild buck. Tory called Bill for a private chat in a secluded stable to  more >

Jaclyn Case and Christian XXX switch roles

The petite Jaclyn was enjoying riding Christian’s cock. But Christian had a surprise request for her. He loved having Jaclyn ride his cock and her blowjob technique was amazing, but Christian wanted to get pegged by her, and brought out a strap on dildo for  more >

Cherry Torn’s bridesmaids remind her of their lesbian college pact with strapon gang bang

To everyone’s shock, Cherry Torn was getting married. The wild girl had found someone that had tamed the beast, and Cherry was even wearing the traditional bridal white dress and veil. Her sorority sisters Madeline, Lorelei Lee and Dia Zerva, were particularly shocked. It seemed  more >

Takata Fuyuhiko destroys room with his giant fake penis in the name of Art

There are certain times that words seem not to exist to describe what we are witnessing. Why is that Asian man wearing that giant tree penis contraption? Why is he using it to throw everything in the room to the floor with it? Should I  more >

Blonde feminizes her French boyfriend

Mark knew that Veronika was a kinky lady. This was one of the reasons he had fallen head over heels for her. But when Veronika started putting a blond wig, make-up and nail polish on Mark he thought he might have gotten in too deep.  more >